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The Work-To-Play Program at TVC is an opportunity for players to earn money that goes towards off-setting their fees. The program includes different areas in which to work mainly during the tournaments we host. These opportunities begin in January and continue through the end of the club season. Parents and family members are also able to utilize this program to offset a players fees. If you have interest there will be a sign-up form available during Meet the Team or you can contact the TVC office. 


  • TOURNAMENT WORKERS ($10.00/HR): Working different areas as assigned in the concession stand, maintenance and general clean-up for tournaments. 
  • CLINIC HELPERS ($10.00/HR): Interested in coaching? We offer clinics for beginner volleyball players and love to have experienced help (U15+).

Working a tournament credits the player fees $10.00/HR for each individual working. 
i.e. If a parent/guardian and player both decide to work, families would receive $20.00/Hr worked towards the players fees (Player = $10.00/Hr plus the Parent = $10.00/Hr, Totaling = $20.00/Hr).   


  • A player 14 years of age and older are able to work on their own.
  • A player 13 years of age and younger must be accompanied by at least one (1) parent/guardian.

IF a parent and player are both signing up for Work-To-Play, you will have to register for twice, once when assigning the player and again for assigning the parent.


Be sure to look at the date's start and end times for each shift. When signing up for a shift, you are committing to that time slot. IF, you end up working later than the scheduled end time for a shift - update the sign-in/out timesheet accordingly to ensure you are compensated for your time.
**IF for some reason something comes up and you cannot work the time you signed up, you must notify Michael Varn five (5) days prior to the scheduled tournament. Anything within five (5) days of a tournament, you are committed to working**


There will always be a tournament director and possibly a concession manager on-site that will be able to help guide and answer any questions when arriving for a shift.

A couple of things to ensure we are in good standing with the health department:

  • Workers must wear a mask while working.
  • Ladies, make sure that your hair is pulled back into a pony-tail.
Michael Varn

Michael Varn

Associate Director

The WTP calander is now available to book from March-May. January & February are booked.