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Info For Athletes

Jason Reilly

Jason Reilly

Club Director

University Athlete - TVC Players click the link to set up your free University Athlete profile:

NCAA Eligibility Center - For any prospective student athletes hoping to play at the NCAA level. Create your profile using the link below:

Helpful Steps in the Recruiting Process

►► Build a List of 50 Schools
- What matters most to you? (Academic interest, Location, etc.)
- Different levels of play – D1, D2, D3, NAIA, NJCAA (Not everyone can/wants to play D1.)
- Think of this list as schools that you would love to attend, schools that you would have an interest in, and schools that you would attend.
- Be Realistic (If you are not sure if you can compete at a certain level look at the rosters or other rosters in the conference.)
- Use the resources below to gather coaches contact information for these schools. Make a spreadsheet with school name, information, website, coaches name, coaches email. It is a good idea to include the assistant coaches email as well.

►► Marketing Yourself
- BE PROACTIVE - Do not procrastinate!
- Regularly update your profiles on NCAA Eligibility Center and University Athlete
- Send emails to your list of schools – Include your name, height, position grad year, high school and club. Be sure to express something unique or what interested you in their school and volleyball program. Finally, make sure to address the coach by name to start the email (ex. Coach Antonio).
- Create a video – You can upload these onto YouTube or make a DVD

  • Skills Video – Unedited gym footage working on game like scenarios targeting skills involving your specific position.
  • Game Footage – Should be one entire game (you can edit out dead time, ex. Time outs, walking back to serve, etc.) of you playing. Be sure to let the coaches know what number you are and in what position you start in.

Schedule Visits – Love the school, not the name

  • Once a coach watches your video and/or sees you play live and they like you, they will ask you to schedule a visit. All visits before September 1st of your senior year are unofficial and therefore you will have to pay for all expenses.

►► Plan for Your Club Season
- Consistently check in with coaches. (Email, Text, and Phone Communication)
- If a school expresses interest, continually check in with them with updates on your schedule and/or team.
- When tournament schedules are released, let coaches know when and what courts you will be playing on.
- Building a relationship with the coaches is key!