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By Jess Hohl, 09/26/18, 3:15PM EDT



Dear TVC Family,


As you may be aware we lease Hall 1 and the Clubhouse from Lucas County.  We just recently renewed our lease through October 1, 2020. This has been a mutually beneficial arrangement for TVC and the County for the past 10 years.  Because of financial constraints, the county had talked about closing down the LCRC. We came in and made a deal with them that we would take care of all of the maintenance concerns in the facility and pay all of the expenses associated with the Hall 1 and the Clubhouse.   This allowed Hall 1 to remain open and allowed us to provide a spot for our club players to practice and to hold tournaments and to continue to grow TVC.

We have been aware for some time of an ongoing conversation between Lucas County and the city of Maumee to turn over the property to Maumee for development.   Those talks are continuing. It is not something that has happened, it is something that could happen. We know that the current plans under discussion are to develop the property north of the clubhouse including the Ned Skeldon Stadium into housing and condos.  We are not aware of any decisions regarding the future of Hall 1 and the property south of the stadium. I was told today by the county commissioners office, that nothing has been finalized and it is far from certain that anything will happen.

We will continue to work with Lucas County and look forward to talking with the administration in Maumee to get further clarification of the plans going forward.  I want to assure every member and potential member of TVC that as the oldest and largest club in Northwest Ohio we will be around for many more years.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at  You also may see me interviewed by WTOL TV about this.  (Clearly I would have curled my hair and worn make-up had I planned on being on the news today!)

Thank you for your continued support of Toledo Volleyball Club.



Michelle W. Hills

Club Director and President