Toledo Volleyball Club offers three divisions/levels of teams: 

  1. National
  2. American
  3. Regional
  • The "National" division teams will be the highest commitment level and are geared towards athletes who want to play volleyball at the top level.
  • The "Regional" division teams are a lower commitment level and are a great fit for athletes who don't want to travel as much. 

This is a list of teams and divisions we plan to offer for the 2020-21 club season. As we get closer to tryouts, we'll update this page with more details on each team.

Age Group No. of Teams National Division American Division Regional Division
10s 1-2 Yes
11s 2-3 Yes N/A Yes
12s 3-4 Yes Yes Yes
13s 3-4 Yes Yes Yes
14s 3-4 Yes Yes Yes
15s 3-4 Yes Yes
16s 2-3 Yes Yes
17s 2-3 Yes
18s 1-2 Yes

Please note that all of these teams are subject to change