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TVC League Teams

2017 Fall League Teams


Winter League Dates and Registration will be up soon. 

TVC Youth, Junior High and High School League teams give players all of the benefits of training with TVC without the burden and high cost of traveling and playing in all-day events.  Coaches will train players on all skills while in a team setting, making for a great balance of instruction and competitive game play.

Toledo Volleyball Club now offers three options for 'in-house' league:

Winter League - 6 Weeks
Youth, MS, JH, & HS Ages
1 Play (Monday) & 2 Practices per week
Cost: $550 or $625 w/ Uniform Package

Spring League - 5 weeks
Middle School & Jr. High Ages
1 Play (Monday) & 2 Practices (Fri/Sun)/wk
Cost: $550 Special! $525 w/ Uniform Package
$475 $450 w/ Non-Uniform

Fall League - 6 weeks
Youth, MS, & Jr. High Ages
1 Play (Monday) & 1 Practice (Friday) per week
Cost: $275 or $350 w/ Uniform Package

2018 Winter League Description

2018 Winter League includes Youth, Middle School, Jr. High, and High School ages, teams will begin training in early January and will end their season in Late February. Practice will be twice per week at TVC plus once a week league play at The Paragon in Holland, OH.  The Youth League is for players in Grades 3-4 (Winter league will be 6 on 6); the Middle School League if for players in Grades 5-6; and the Junior High League is for players in Grades 7-8. The High School League is for all High School age players.

League practices for Youth, Middle School, Junior High, High School  start January  6th

  • Monday, Thursday & Friday-TBD
  • Sunday Youth & Middle, 6:00-7:30p Junior High or 7:30-9p; High School

The Winter League Combine--the day teams are formed, not called a tryout because there are no cuts--

Combine Date: November 19th, 5:00-6:30p for Youth & Middle School Leagues; 7:00-9:00p for Jr. High and High School Leagues.

WINTER league TOTAL FEES: $550 or $625 w/ Uniform Package

2018 Play Dates (Mondays, starting @ 4:30p): 1/21, 1/28, 2/4, 2/11, 2/18, 2/25
**Note there IS PLAY on President's Day.

*WINTER Fees include League Uniform Package for new players; we will continue to use the Nike Columbia blue Dri-fit uniform top for the 2018 league season.
*No cuts/no tryouts (We will hold a combine to make teams)
*These teams will not play in any OVR events.


Fall League Description

Toledo Volleyball Club will be holding our annual fall "in-house" league beginning in late August...this year our League Teams are available for Youth (3rd-4th Grade), Middle School (5th-6th Grade) and Junior High (7th-8th Grade). 


FALL league is a great and affordable experience for those interested in continuing to improve their volleyball skills. This six week season will have matches held on Monday nights at TBD--either TVC or the Paragon.

Update: Our Fall League Combine will be held on Sunday, August 19th, 2018. Doors open for Sign-in at 5:00pm and the Combine will run from 5:30-7pm for Junior High and Middle School. The Youth combine will be run from 3:30-5 pm, doors open for sign in at 3 pm. You will be required to sign-up online and the deposit of $175 is due on or before August 19th and the remainder will be due October 1st.  Our combine is used to help evaluate and form teams based on like ability and skill level. Keep in mind this is not a tryout, so no one will be cut. 

Practice options for this league session will include practices on Fridays & Mondays (5:30-7pm for Middle School & Youth and 7-8:30pm for Junior High.)  & Play on Monday evenings beginning tentatively at 5:30 pm or later, schedule is being created.

$275 (no uniform, for those who participated in WINTER or SPRING league)
$350 (Uniform Option) Please send your uniform top size and spandex size no later than August 19th to You can come to the TVC clubhouse to try on sample sizes or at the combine. 

In order to ensure on time delivery we need to have uniform sizes in by the 19th.  If you do not know your childs size the TVC Clubhouse will be open from 2-5 pm this Tuesday-Thursday. (14th-16th.) to try on samples before the combine. 

Practice: Fridays/Mondays 5:30-7p beginning Aug. 24th; then only on Fridays once play starts.
2018 Play Dates: 9/10, 9/17, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/15
**Note there IS PLAY the week of Columbus Day


The Registration "TVC League Teams" is not currently available.


Amanda  Wilson

Amanda Wilson

League Supervisor

Phone: (419) 794-4656; e-mail -

Jess Hohl

Jess Hohl

Associate Director

Phone: 419-794-4656; e-mail

FAQs about League

How do I register my daughter for the League?
Registration for League will be available online about a month before the combine. It is recommended you sign-up this way. Once you register, you can pay your deposit of $175.00 (or $300.00 for Winter League) online or opt to pay offline. We accept cash, check or credit card.  

Are there tryouts for the League?
Our League Combine is a 'camp style' training experience where coach's will run courts and also evaluate players. This will be where League Coaches will evaluate athletes in all skills, in order to place players on to teams.  We do NOT hold tryouts for League teams, and do NOT make cuts. In the Spring and Fall leagues, we will try to have teams made BEFORE your child leaves the combine.

How often do the league teams practice?
Winter & Spring league teams practice 2x per week. Specific times will be determined for the season. They will be similar to last year's schedule and remain on Fridays & Sundays. Practice for all Winter League teams will begin the first week of January, for Spring League the first week of May, and for Fall League the 3rd week of August.  

When and where do the League teams compete?
All Winter & Spring league teams will compete in the Glass City In-House League at The Paragon on Monday evenings starting late January-early March.  Game times can range from 4:30-8pm.  Teams are guaranteed two matches/night. Fall league will be held at Toledo Volleyball Club in Hall #1 of Lucas County Rec Center. Games will begin at 5 or 5:30 p.m.

Where is The Paragon located for when we travel there on game day?
The Paragon is located at 1590 Albon Rd, Holland, OH 43528. Park on the side of the building closest to Airport Hwy.  

Do our teams have to officiate on game days?
No.  Officials will be provided; however, each team is asked to provide a parent or guardian line-judge and score keeper when their team is playing.

How long is the League season?
Winter & Fall League Sessions are six weeks long; due to school & family vacation constraints we've found a five week spring season is best. 

How much does it cost to participate in a League team?
The total cost of fees for a Winter League player is $550 or $625 for Uniform Option. This fee includes a uniform package which consists of a Nike Dri-fit tee/jersey, Nike spandex, a Nike Warm-Up top, and two practice shirts. This uniform Package will be good for the entire calendar year for TVC 'in-house' league. Due to using the same uniform, TVC Spring cost $475 or $550 (with uniform package) and TVC Fall League costs $275 or $350 w/uniform package.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
Yes, for Winter League TVC will need a deposit of $300.00 on the day of the combine.  For Spring league, the deposit is $250 and Fall league the deposit is $175.

What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept cash, check, money order and all major credit/debit cards.  For no added fee use Cash or Check made out to Toledo Volleyball Club. 

Do League teams travel?
No.  League teams are “In-House” meaning they practice 2x a week at our facility, the Lucas County Rec Center, and compete 1x a week at Glass City's facility, The Paragon.  League teams do not participate in OVR events.

Does my daughter need an OVR membership?
No.  League teams will not play in any OVR events, therefore not needing a membership.  

**League is an excellent and affordable choice for many players; however, if you or your daughter are interested in a more involved travel experience but are hesitant due to the financial commitment, PLEASE contact the office to learn about work to play, scholarships and more! We have a lot of opportunities if you are willing to put in the work. Here at TVC, we truly believe that anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort can play club volleyball at the level and travel schedule they want regardless of financial commitment. (419) 794-4656, Call today!**