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Hotel Booking Information 2018

Nationals Update

May 2018

Since USAV Nationals are in Detroit, TVC qualifies for a proximity waiver (less than 75 miles), which means we do not have to participate in Stay-to-Play. Once teams qualify/get accepted (Patriot), I can submit to housing for a hotel block. Coaches will be staying in Detroit.

Parent Reps:

  • I have all teams booking rooms on their own. I have taken care of coaches rooms.
  • Remember, since we're entering a bit late, downtown options may be scarce so it is easiest to book on your own.
  • Third party sites are also an option and families are more than welcome to stay together!

You can  find list of qualified/entered teams here.

Booking Tips & Updates

  1. December Deadlines: Please add JVA SummerFest to the list-- Dec. 17th.

  2. These deadlines  are hard and fast dates from the hotels and once they pass, we lose any rooms not booked in the block.  Unless there is an exception, credit cards are not charged until check in ( Exception-Qualifiers & National tournaments--the first night is charged the day after change deadline). 

  3. Please note, there are THREE tabs when you download this Excel sheet including: Master schedule, Booking Information, and December Deadlines (see graphic below). Please be sure to review all tabs for your team.

  4. If you are having trouble with other links, please make sure you copy and paste the link into your browser.  Some are not live links and as such will not work if you just click on them.

  5. Please refresh your browser before downloading the information.  You must do this to get the most current document. 

Booking Notes & Updates for Third Party Sites:

1. MidEast Qualifier-Indy: AES Booking    

  • Go to
  • Enter the e-mail address of the person who made the reservation.
  • Type in Reservation # indicated on booking document below
  • A summary of your reservation will appear
  • From this page, identify the room type you would like to add your rooming list to.  Be sure to check the check in and check out dates
  • Please select an available room from the reservation drop down

You will need to type one person per row.  Please make this as accurate as possible for check in and security purposes.

  •  Type in your credit card information.

No one has access to your credit card information except for the hotel. AES web site is secure using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.

  • Click update
  • If you have any problems, contact Capitol Sports Housing at 800-476-0060 x118.

2. JVA SummerFest: TeamInn booking links - Fixed--New deadline Jan. 27th! Use link here not in booking document.
To reserve your rooms online: CLICK HERE

Access Code: Cbus2018SUMMER

   1. Choose your desired check in date
   2. Choose the number of nights you wish to stay
   3. Choose the number of rooms you wish to reserve
   4. Click the "Book Room" Button to provide your information

ATTENTION: Courtesy Hold Expires on 01/27/2018. Rooms not reserved by this date will not be available.

Need Help? Contact Lodging at: Please call TeamInn Lodging at 800-233-TEAM(8326) or email:

Hotel Waiver - Must be turned in before Hotel Booking Deadline

This form is used for REQUIRED stays in which you would like to make other plans for accommodations (i.e. with family in the area). 

There will be no waivers granted for the OVR Bid or Nationals.

Waiver Form must be received by the stated booking deadline for the hotel.  Waivers can be dropped off at the office and put in Leeanne Gleim’s "Hotel Coordinator" mailbox or scanned and emailed to email below--this is the preferred method!

Leeanne Gleim

Leeanne Gleim

Hotel Coordinator

Phone: (260) 409-5138;