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Board of Directors

Board Members

Gretchen Brown

Coach Trustee (2022) •  EMAIL

Laura Davidson

Parent Trustee (2022)

Chrissy Finch

Open Trustee (2022)

Brian Campbell

Open Trustee (2023)

Michelle Hills

Open Trustee (2024) • EMAIL

Rachel Hurley

Parent Trustee (2023) 

Matt trzcinski

Coach Trustee (2023)

Alison nudd

Parent Trustee (2024)

Coach Opening

Coach Open Position (2025)

Toledo Volleyball Club Annual Meeting

Toledo Volleyball Club will hold its annual meeting on Sunday November 6th, 2022 at 12:00pm. The meeting will be held in the Clubhouse of the Lucas County Rec Center. 

The purpose of the meeting is to go over the 2022 program and present the year end financial statement as well as the 2023 plans. TVC's fiscal year ended on August 31, 2022. We will also elect members to the board of trustees. 

For questions about the annual meeting, please contact Michelle Hills.

Toledo volleyball club board of trustees

In July 2021 the TVC Board voted to change the bylaws and expand the board to nine voting members. The make-up of the TVC Board of Trustees will be made up of:

  • Minimum of three trustees must be Coach representatives
  • Minimum of three trustees must be Parent representatives
  • The remaining three trustees positions can be open positions and do not need to be a parent of a player in the club or a coach

This year, TVC is looking for three people to be elected to serve full three year terms.

If interested in being considered for a spot on the board and wish to run, please email Gretchen Brown to indicate your interest in serving and what talents you will bring to help the betterment of the club.  Deadline for application is Friday, October  28th, 2022 by 5:00pm.

Emails for Gretchen Brown and Michelle Hills can be found  using the links to the left.