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Team Amanda


We come to you looking for support and prayers as one of our coaches needs our help more than ever! Coach Amanda, is the Assistant Coach at Perrysburg High School, on October 14th, Amanda suffered a seizure after Perrysburg's final regular season match. A trip to the hospital revealed a 5cm brain tumor. Since, Amanda has been transferred to Toledo Hospital under the watchful eye of their neurosurgery team. The tumor and seizures have impacted Amanda's speech. The neurosurgery team at Toledo hospital planned to have her seizures subside to perform an awake craniotomy in an attempt to remove the tumor without impacting Amanda's speech. Surgery was scheduled for the morning of October 25th, prior to the surgery, Amanda had another seizure. Thankfully, the seizure did not take place further into the surgery. The team will review Amanda's brain activity and reschedule surgery. If the neurosurgical team is unable to remove the tumor completely, the team is planning on a 6 week radiation treatment to shrink the tumor.

What most may know by now is that Coach Amanda gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kate, on September 24th.  In a time where Amanda and her husband, Kyle, should be getting more comfortable changing diapers, finding a new families routine and all of the other joys surrounding parenting. This new family is off to a bit of a different start,  Amanda remains positive and ready to battle to get back to her husband and baby girl.

Outside of being a new mother, a coach, a role model, and a friend, Amanda is an Intervention Specialist at the local Junior High School.  An easy career path choice for her devotion and dedication for her brother, Chad. Amanda continues to show she is always putting others before herself and will bring out the light of any dark situation. The Fintel family needs your support, we have provided links below to provide the family with a Meal-Train to help ease the chores at home and a Fundraiser to help offset medical bills. #teamAmanda #StrongAF