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Jason Reilly

Jason Reilly

Club Director

Jessica Hohl

Jessica Hohl

Associate Director - Business Development

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Lucas County Recreation Center
2901 Key Street - Hall #1
Maumee, OH 43537 
 (O): (419) 794-4656
(F): (419) 794-7934

Facility Hours

Sunday Closed - Seasonal
Monday 11:00am - 5 pm
Tuesday 11:00am - 5 pm
Wednesday 11:00am - 5 pm
Thursday 11:00am - 5 pm
Friday By Appt.
Saturday Closed - Seasonal



To empower young athletes to grow through discipline, commitment, and teamwork.


Toledo VolleyballClub was founded in 1991 by John Buck and Sonny Lewis and operated out of various high school sites in the beginning. Lucas County Recreation Center has been home to TVC for seven years now. Over the past 29 years, TVC has grown from a club of 9 teams to one of 32 teams with over 300 players. We are the oldest club in Northwest Ohio and enjoy an excellent reputation in our region, as well as, nationally.

Program philosophy

Toledo Volleyball Club is governed by a seven person board of directors comprised of coaches, parents, and staff. TVC is recognized as a 501 c-3 non-profit organization.

At Toledo Volleyball Club, we specialize in training volleyball skills, technique and game strategy to young athletes. As such, we continue to support & educate our coaches in teaching the game effectively. TVC strives to build a passion for the game of volleyball. High expectations and accountability are a priority in our gym but we acknowledge that our athletes are not professionals and promise to treat them like young women.   

TEAMWORK -- At TVC we know that team chemistry adds to the success of a team. Camaraderie between the girls and between teams is very important to us; thus, we focus on this with team bonding exercises, support at tournaments, and in our training. Being called a great teammate is one of the greatest compliments a player can receive. Everything we do is about the team, not the individual. We win together, we lose together, and we grow together.  Our gym culture is loud, intense and fun! 

VOLLEYBALL IQ -- For players 14 and under, we want to develop sound fundamentals and a passion for the game. The focus of these age groups is to build an understanding of game and enforce correct technique. Our goal is to prepare these young athletes for the next level, develop sound technique, and have a lot fun while doing it! For players 15 and older, TVC’s focus is to refine technique as we educate players on the skills and game strategy coach's desire at the next level, whether that level high school varsity and/or college. 

COMPETITION -- At TVC we embrace the competition that is naturally present in sport and life. We strive to teach our young athletes how to excel under pressure and train in an exciting, competitive practice atmosphere to raise the athlete’s composure and confidence on game day. When creating our teams’ tournament schedules, we are mindful to enter our teams in tournaments with strong competition and collegiate exposure. We train to win but measure our success on more than wins and losses.

Training. Talent. Tradition


Question:  What is a National, American, or Regional team?

The Ohio Valley Region consists of 3 divisions of teams. Based on the teams registered within the Ohio Valley Region last year, about 10-12% of teams were registered as National (Highly Competitive). Another 20-22% of teams are registered as American (Competitive). The majority of teams (roughly 66%) are registered as Regional (Recreational-Competitive). There is a misconception that Regional teams never travel and that National teams travel all over the country. In Ohio, we are lucky to have hundreds of tournament options within the area since this is one of USA Volleyball's biggest regions. This means travel can be fairly similar between the divisions. One noticeable difference between the schedules is the duration of the events. Most National events are 2-3 day events. Most American and Regional events are 1-day.

 Our National teams typically end the club season with a National Championship tournament. The biggest travel difference arises within our top teams when we go to Qualifiers--typically in March & early April -- and the National Championships in late June. Due to the additional 6-7 weeks of training and the higher tournament entry fees for Qualifier and National Championship tournaments, you’ll notice a difference in the cost per player from Regional, American, and National teams.

Question: How much does it cost to tryout?

The fee for tryouts in $40.00, provided you are registered online by the Friday before your tryout weekend. You can register on-site but will be required to complete the digital registration as well. As such, we highly encourage you to register in advance. It really makes for a much smoother tryout for both the player and the club if you are pre-registered.

Question: What is the difference between League and Travel Teams Tryouts? 

You do not need to attend tryouts if you are only interested in participating in the playing league but you are required to attend the league combine. We do ask that you complete the online League registration which is separate from the travel team tryouts. You can read more about TVC's "in-house" league & the League Combine by clicking on the LEAGUE TEAMS  tab of the homepage.

If you are unsure as to whether you want to be considered for a travel team or a playing league, you must register and attend tryouts. We cannot consider players for travel teams if they have not attended tryouts. It is a good idea to attend tryouts if you have any question.

Question: What should I do the day of tryouts?

Please arrive 30-45 minutes ahead of your tryout time to sign in (this is especially important if you have not pre-registered) and receive your tryout number. You will also hand in the USAV Medical Form and pay the tryout fee if you have not done so. Parents are welcome to stay in the Clubhouse during tryouts but are not allowed in the gym during the tryout process.

Question: How do I find out what team I made?

Results will be emailed to the email you provided for the tryout registration. There will be an option to accept or decline your offer. If you make a decision earlier, please have the courtesy to notify us immediately after making the decision. Often times there are players who are alternates and want to play for TVC and we cannot offer them until we know your decision. Our goal is to have nine or ten players on a team.

 If you have made an early commitment to TVC, you are still required to register and attend tryouts.

Question: What if my child is involved in other sports/activities?

TVC has always worked with the dual sport athletes (basketball and volleyball) and it is part of our culture and tradition to do so. Basketball players are excused from practice conflicts during their basketball season. We have a detailed attendance policy which is on our website and that should answer most of your questions. In a nutshell, players on National and American teams are permitted XX practice misses during the season. Regional and League players are permitted to miss XX. Missing a tournament is not permitted for any reason other than those indicated on the Attendance Policy. We will make accommodations for basketball players to practice with another team if their practice schedules conflicts with their basketball schedule.  It is not ideal, but we do want to encourage those players to play for TVC.

We do have softball & track players who play club, although it is far more difficult to work around softball schedules. The Attendance Policy addresses spring sports and other conflicts.

If you have other sport or extra-curricular interests (theater, dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, choir, etc.) and still want to play for TVC, make sure that you can meet the attendance requirements before accepting a spot on a team.  Our practice times are set, based on a variety of factors and will not be changed.

Question: Travel can be expensive, what can I do to help offset fees?

We have several opportunities for players to offset a portion of their fees through our Work-to-Play Program, Advertising Opportunities, and our Scholarship Program.  Applications for scholarships will be available at Meet the Team --see calendar--for all travel teams.  Scholarships are awarded based on your application and perceived need and are not based on your athletic ability. Information about these opportunities can be found on the 'Important Info' page located under the 'Resources' tab 

If you have an idea for a fundraiser, we are certainly open to adding additional fundraising opportunities. It is our personal belief that if a player truly wants to play for TVC and is willing to work to make it happen, we will work with you to find a way. We do not want players to not play for TVC solely because of the cost.