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Toledo Volleyball Club Tryout Results 13U

The Registration "Toledo Volleyball Club Tryout Results 13U" is not currently available.

Post Tryout Information

  • The deadline for 13-1 to Accept/Decline is Wednesday, October 31st by 9:00pm
  • The deadline for 13-American, 13-Swoosh and 13-Air to Accept/Decline is Wednesday, November 7th by 9:00pm

Please click the link above if you are going to ACCEPT or DECLINE your offer

If you are listed as an alternate, you will receive a phone call to inform you of any movement. If you are an alternate without a team offer (i.e. an alternate to 13-Air), you are invited to participate in our Winter High School "In-House" League if there is no movement. EVEN IF YOU ACCEPT A CURRENT OFFER, you will still be considered if any movement occurs! Click here to learn more about in-house league.

If your tryout number is NOT LISTED and you are interested in our league, the combine is Monday, November 19th from 7:00-9:00 -- It helps the check-in process if you register for the combine OR Accept the League offer online so we know to expect your player. 


Coaches: Jess Hohl & Sydney Antonio

Tryout # School
Isabella Demers Perrysburg
Katherine Eigner St. Aloysius
Sydney Forcht McCord
Natalie Kerchevall McCord
Erynn Moloney St. Rose
Lucy Mott St. Rose
Colleen Nudd St. Rose
Adella Rodriguez Fassett
Sydney Stanley Lake
Alison Wingate Springfield


Coaches: Allison Rossler & Madi Fogg

Tryout # School
Kayla Gedert Eastwood
Evelyn Heady St. Joseph Sylvania
Kelly Kitz St. Rose
Katelynn Lenkay St. Joseph Sylvania
Nadia Miller Eastwood
Brooklyn Okeneski Perrysburg
Lilia Perry Arbor Hills
Maya Johnson Arbor Hills
Mackenzie Hurley Perrysburg


Coaches: Leeanne Gleim & Haley Sendelbach

Tryout # School
Madison Trautman Perrysburg
Vayda Dalventhal Lake
KateLyn Dougan Lake
Caitlyn Foght Perrysburg
Sophia Fouty Fasset
Avery Lipstraw Woodmore
Emma Nicholson St. Joan of Arc
Lydia Steyer Perrysburg
Olivia Batch Fasset
Maeleigh Rife Otsego


Coaches: Chloe Fairchild & Mackenzie Bell

Tryout # School
Madisen Glowacki Anthony Wayne
Evie Heidenreich Ottawa Hills
Jersey Shumaker Eastwood
Hannah Snyder Springfield
Jaycie Studer Otsego
Megan Walters-Aughney St. Ursula
Martina Homer Saint Rose
Emily Rogers Timberstone
Emma Knapp Anthony Wayne

Jr. High In-House League

Tryout #
Miranda Lydey

If your tryout number is listed above or you are listed as an alternate and you would like to participate in our league, the combine is Monday, Nov. 19th from 7:00-9:00 pm--it will help the sign-in process if you register for the combine OR Accept the League offer online so we know to expect your player. Even if you accept league as an alternate to a travel team and a travel spot opens up, you will still be considered! Click the link below for more details on League.

Jess Hohl

Associate Director

Phone: 419-794-4656 (Office), E-mail:

Mike Varn

Associate Director

Phone: 419-794-4656; E-mail -

Jason Reilly

Associate Director

Phone: 419-794-4656 (Office), E-mail: