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Welcome to the Toledo Volleyball Club

Mission Statement

We, the Toledo Volleyball Club, are committed to providing the best possible environment for our volleyball players to reach their maximum playing potential through excellence in coaching and community support. Our players are challenged to excel not only for their own personal growth but also for the betterment of their teams, the Toledo Volleyball Club, and the communities in which they live.

Through the past 22 years TVC has grown from a club of 9 teams to one of 32 teams with over 300 players. We are the oldest club in Northwest Ohio and enjoy an excellent reputation in our region, as well as, nationally.

The Toledo Volleyball Club is governed by a 7 person board of directors. Parents serve on an advisory board. We are recognized as a 501 c-3 non-profit organization.

Program Philosophy

The Toledo Volleyball Club training philosophy is made with this mission statement guiding the way.  We are not just making great volleyball players, but great, well-rounded young women.  We believe at TVC that the lessons the sport of volleyball with teach you; work ethic, discipline, dedication, courage, and teamwork will help shape these young athletes as people as well as volleyball players.  TVC knows that one of the greatest lessons in volleyball is that it is about the TEAM!  Being called, “A great teammate,” is one of the greatest compliments a player could ever get.  Everything we do is about the team, not the individual; we win together, we lose together, we grow together.  Our gym culture will be loud, intense, and fun!  At TVC we know how much team chemistry adds to the success of a team so camaraderie between the girls and between teams is very important to us.  We focus on this with team bonding exercises, support at tournaments, and in our training.

For the players 14 and under, we want to most importantly develop sound fundamentals and a passion for the game.  The focus of these age groups is to have correct technique on all aspects of the game.  We hope for wins, but do not measure our success by wins or losses.  Our goal is to prepare these younger athletes for the next level, develop sound technique, and have lots of fun while doing it!  For the players 15 and older, we want to continue to develop the fundamentals as well as introducing more advanced concepts.  We are now preparing these athletes for the next level; either being high school varsity and/or college.  We will push these athletes to reach heights that they didn’t think they ever could achieve.

Training. Talent. Tradition. 

Lucas County Recreation Center
Exhibition Hall #1
2901 Key Street
Maumee, OH 43537
419-794-4656 (Office)