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Fall Training 2017

Pre-Tryout Indoor 4s Tournament


At TVC, we love competition and want to foster the enjoyment of competing in our gym. Join us for a laid back tournament experience with lots of reps and game play--no coaches allowed ;) Unless new ruling comes down, no more than 3 players from the same school may compete on the same 4s team. Come for a fun evening of round robin, tournament play-off 4s.

  • A separate registration will be available in early October for Indoor 4s!
  • Jr. High (7th-8th Grade): Sunday, Oct. 29th
    • Two Divisions: National & Regional
    • 6:30 Check-in & Warm-up, 6:45 start time
    • Play complete by 9:00pm
  • High School (9th-12th Grade): Sunday, Nov. 5th SOLD OUT
    • Contact Leeanne if you're interested in getting in--Varsity possibly 1 spot open!
    • Two Divisions: JV & Varsity
    • 6:30pm Check-in & Warm-up, 6:45 start time
    • Play complete by 9:00pm
  • Form your OWN TEAM and sign-up this fall!
  • Fee: $20/player (you may play with up to 5 players/team)
  • Note: There are NO court position restrictions or requirements in 4’s volleyball, but service rotation must remain the same throughout a single game. e.g.: players can stay in the same court position an entire game (at the net/back row etc.), but each player MUST serve in the same service rotation for the entire game.

Open Gym Dates

  • Sundays
    • 6:00-7:30p: October 22nd
    • Kick-off Oct. 22nd FREE entry!
  • Wednesdays
    • 7:00-8:30p: October 25th-Nov. 8th
  • $5 entry, at least three courts open
  • Open to all ages 5th-12th grade, no formal instruction but we will have a supervisor on duty if athletes have questions!
  • 7th-12th Grade OHSAA Sanctioned athletes, your season must be over before you are legally allowed to participate without loss of eligibility.
  • Bring friends & run drills or just play!

Technical Clinic Description

The perfect way to get some position or skill specific work for a great price. Join us in the gym with TVC coaches for high quality reps in a small group setting. Players are separated by age and/or skill level. 

Serving Workshops (#1 & #9)

Serving technique introduced (beginner), an emphasis on technique refinement with accuracy and consistency in mind.

Jump Serving Workshop (#4 & #10)

Do you already have good hand to ball contact & consistent serving ability? This clinic is for taking your serve to the next level. Great for first time jump servers or those who want some more reps, these clinics help you refine technique (footwork, toss, contact) and increase accuracy through repetition.

Attacking/Blocking (Clinic #7)

Players will be separated by position at the older ages; however, players will be able to practice all positions if they like. Players will work on blocking basics, armswing mechanics, developing a dynamic & efficient approach and consistency of contact.

Defense & First Contact (Clinic  #8)

Includes some serving practice; however, the emphasis will be on serve receive & defensive technique breakdown and practice in both individual and group settings.

VolleyTots/Kids, Skills & Drills Training in Action!

At TVC, we are constantly looking to grow the game and get younger kids interested in volleyball. Our VolleyTots is a great first experience! Please share with any 3-8 year old you think might be interested. Also, our Youth Skills & Drills is an excellent experience for 3rd-6th grades looking to get an introduction to a practice experience while learning & refining basic technique.

VolleyTots/Kids - Here at TVC we love volleyball and we enjoy passing that love on to the next generation of players! A great introduction to the sport, in this session kids will enjoy a fun, high-energy learning environment. Players get lots of reps on age appropriate nets and lighter volleyballs (no red arms!!).

  • Six week program, Tuesdays
    • VolleyTots (3-5 years) 5:30-6:15p  SOLD OUT!
    • VolleyKids (K-2nd Grade) 5:30-6:30, 3 spots left!
  • September 12th thru October 17th
  • Fee: VolleyTots $50; VolleyKids $60

Skills & Drills
Perfect for a first time player or someone who's had experience playing, this session includes a weekly high quality, high repetition practice with TVC coaches working on individual skills, skill introduction and refinement. Includes a practice t-shirt.

  • Six week program, September 12th-Oct.17th
  • Tuesdays, 5:30-7p
    • Youth (3rd-4th grade)
    • Middle School (5th-6th grade)
  • Fee: $80, space is limited to 16 athletes/age group


Leeanne Gleim

Leeanne Gleim

Associate Director

Phone: (419) 794-4656, E-mail: